Palermo, Sicily to host 2021 Hansa Class Worlds


The venue for the 2021 Hansa Class World and International Championships has been announced.

The regatta will take place in Palermo, Sicily in 2021 hosted by the Associazione Italiana Classe Hansa (AICH).

This change will bring see Hansa Class World Championship align better with Para World Sailing Championships which are held in alternate years.

Para World Sailing have announced as part of their 2020 – 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy that, at The Hague 2022 Sailing World Championships in the Netherlands, Para World Sailing Classes will be included in the programme of events and will continue to be included in editions thereafter. This replaces the previous yearly Para World Sailing Championships that had been held every year since 1991. In order to award yearly World Championship titles in Para World Sailing Classes, they will be held in conjunction with Open Class World Championships in years not coinciding with the Sailing World Championships.

The Organising Authority will be announcing more details about the 2021 event shortly and details will be provided here.

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