Hansa 2.3


Available in single and wide seat configurations, the Hansa 2.3 is an ideal training and recreational craft but can be used as a sporty little racer by a single sailor.

With its simple rig and steering, the security of a ballasted centre-board and roller reefing, the Hansa 2.3 is an ideal entry level craft for club participation and racing programs that include sailors from a broad range of ages and abilities.

There are over 1000 Hansa 2.3’s now sailing in 20 countries and it is an International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Class.

2.3 m
1.25 m
0.9 m
52 kg (+ Keel 20 kg)
Sail Plan
Cat Rig
Sail Area
3.8 sq m(Reefs to 0.5 sq.m)
Unstayed 4.2m
120 kg
Specifications Sheet
Class Rules 2022
Rigging Guide – 2.3 Wide and Single
Rigging Guide – 2.3 Breeze
Seating Guide
Approved sailmakers

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