Equipment Applications

IHCA Technical Committee

The IHCA Technical Committee has been established to advise the Executive, Committee and National Hansa Class Associations regarding class rules and technical matters.  It will also consider applications for replacement or additional equipment.

The Technical Committee is convened by the IHCA Vice-President Rules & Measurement as Chairman, and includes Class Representatives for the Hansa 2.3, Hansa 303, Liberty, SKUD 18 and any other classes that may be adopted by the IHCA.  Additional expert members of the Committee may be co-opted with approval of the IHCA Executive or General Meeting.

A SKUD 18 Class Technical Committee has been established in 2013 to address technical issues and equipment applications specific to the SKUD 18. See SKUD18 page.

The processes to make applications for additional equipment commence with completing one of the application forms below.  It is preferable if any request for replacement or additional equipment comes with a recommendation from the National Hansa Class Association.  The IHCA Technical Committee and SKUD 18 Technical Committee have the authority to approve, reject or make recommendations regarding applications.  A register of approved equipment for the 2.3, 303 and Liberty is available below.

Application Form for Approval of Replacement or Additional Equipment V4 0818

IHCA Equipment Applications Summary March 2023

RAE Applications 001-020

RAE Applications 021-040

RAE Applications 041-043

RAE Applications 044-058

RAE Applications 059-067 

RAE Applications 068-075

RAE Applications 076-079

RAE Applications 080-086

Measurers (effective from 2018)


  1. Hi.
    I am Yoko Sone, Japanese para sailor.
    I would like to cconfirm about approval of my adaptation.

    “RAE067-180619 Yoko Sone” is listed in the file, “IHCA Equipment Applications Summary August 2022”.
    I have entried the coming conmpatition in Hiroshima. Para world. Entried class is 303 single.
    And I plan to use same adaptation with “RAE067-180619”.
    Is it required that make new one for Hiroshima Para world?

    I highly appreciated your kindly advide foe me.

    Best regards,
    Yoko Sone


    • Hi Yoko – your application was approved, so you do not need to submit another application to use that equipment at the Para Worlds.


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