Revision to Hansa Worlds NOR


The Organising Authority have released a revision to the NOR for the 2018 Hansa Class World & International Championships.

Amendments are noted in red.

Read or download the revised NOR here.

Transportation information

2018 Hansa Class World headquarters will provide transportation from various hotels to the race site from October 12 to 18.

Concerned persons:

1) Those staying at the official hotel (Daiwa Roynet Hotel)

2) Those athletes requiring wheelchairs and their roommates at the following hotels;

Aster Plaza Hotel

Toyoko Inn Ekimae ohashminami

Toyoko Inn Ekiminamiguchi migi

Toroku Inn Shinkensen guchi

Toroko Inn Heiwa Odori

ANA Hotel

Regal Royal Hotel

  1. A) October 12 – 13 shuttle bus service between hotels and race site will be provided.

October 12 – Daiwa Roynet Hotel , Aster Plaza Hotel, Toyoko Inn Ekimae Ohashiminami, Toyoko Inn Ekiminamiguchi migi, ANA Hotel, Regal Royal Hotel

October 13 – Daiwa Roynet Hotel, Aster Plaza Hotel, Toyoko Inn Ekimae ohashminami

(Consult timetable: Toyoko Inn – Ekiminamiguchi migi, Toroku Inn Shinkensenguchi, Toroko Inn Heiwa Odori, ANA Hotel, Regal Royal Hotel) Please consult the transportation timetable for your hotel.

** For athletes with wheel chairs longer than 1 meter

1*. October 12 – you will not be able to use this transportation.

2*. From October 13 onwards – vehicles that can transport wheel chairs longer than 1 meter will be provided.

  1. Those wishing to go to the race site on October 11 and 12 must provide their own transportation.
  2. B) From the October 13 post-reception until October 18

Transportation will be provided as stated in 1* and 2* above after the reception.

  1. On the first day of registration and for October 13 to 18, please prepare a card with the name of all passengers, the number of the vehicle you will be riding, and time. Please present this card to the vehicle driver.
  2. If you choose not to use vehicles provided by the race headquarters you must arrange your own transportation.