Celebrations to close the European Championships

Friday, 27 October 2017

By YCM as amended by IHCA

Hansa Euro Presentation 7 WD

From 21 to 27 October, the Yacht Club of Mèze hosted the 2017 European Hansa Class Championships.

During the week, 135 sailors of all ability competed in Hansa 303 one and two person, Hansa 2.3 and Liberty.  With the split schedule for different classes, some competitors were able to participate in two series. In all, 15 nations were represented during this championship, with some coming from as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Samoa.

Sunny, but a temperamental wind

The European Championships took place with a beautiful sun shining in the sky the whole week, forgetting that summer was completed.  The wind has, however, temperamental throughout the week – one day it was too strong, and the other too light for sailing. The race committee still managed to complete 5 races for the Hansa 303 and Hansa 2.3 one person classes, 6 races for the Hansa 303 two person and 7 races for the Liberty. The Championship has began and ended with very strong conditions. A mistral blowing between 15 and 25 knots allowed to the lovers of the strong wind to demonstrate their skills in these type of conditions. The remainder of the championship were conducted in a lighter winds, gusting between 4 and 6 knots.  Good competition was provided in a range of breezes.

A user-friendly championship

Conviviality and a good mood accompanied the championship during the whole week. Each evening, an gathering was organized in order to take the best advantage of the participants for their week. Between a tasting of oysters, an evening of nations and a demonstration of radio sailing, the least that can be said is that the atmosphere was beautiful. The Yacht Club Mèze and its volunteers have been magnificent and the organization of the championship was excellent.  After the prize-giving ceremony, a celebratory meal will officially close these beautiful championship in the best mood.

They said:

Bernard Porte, Chairman of the Race Committee: Super championship at all levels – in terms of organization, the competitiveness of the sailors, and the good atmosphere. The weather conditions have been difficult, from a lot of wind to a little, so we had to adapt and to ensure that the maximum of races are completed and that the sailors are satisfied with the championship. We can see a lot of smiles on the faces of the competitors today, so we can say that these championships are successful!

Bernard Fourcade, Chairman of the Yacht Club Mèze:  For us it is an honour to have organized this championship since it is a small club. It is more a French school of sailing rather than a club which regularly organizes regattas. Therefore, to organize a European Championship is a great achievement.  We started ten years ago on the development of the handivoile, so we are therefore very pleased.

To deliver this type of event it is thanks to all the volunteers who came and gave us a hand, it really was our strength. Here is a small club but it is strong in volunteers and I therefore wanted to warmly thank all the volunteers as well as the technical team of the nautical base since and particularly for the focus on safety. We are very proud to have been able to organise these championships which have been a success.

Podium Results

Hansa 303 Mono

  1. Piotr CICHOCKI   Poland
  2. Simon BERTHELOT   France
  3. Cécile VENUAT   France

Hansa 303 Double

  1. Ange MARGARON/ Raphael BIZIEUX France
  2. Cécile VENUAT/ Céline DESMAT France
  3. Olivier DUCRUIX/ Gilles GUYON France

Hansa 2.3

  1. Andre BENTO Portugal
  2. Lindsay BURNS Great Britain
  3. Fernando PINTO Portugal

Hansa Liberty

  1. Bob SCHAHINGER Australia
  2. Vera VOORBACH Netherlands
  3. David DURSTON Great Britain

Hansa Liberty Servo-Electric

  1. Vera VOORBACH Netherlands
  2. Wilma VAN DER BROEK Netherlands
  3. Hanneke DEENEN Netherlands

Full Results – click here