Uk Traveller series continues at Frensham

by Jim Morley (as amended by IHCA)

The latest round of the 2016 UK Traveller trophy series has been run at Frensham. This was the 7th event in the 2016 Hansa National TT Series and the 4th event in the Hansa Southern TT Series, with sailors in Hansa 2.3’s, 303’s and Liberties competing in the the event.

Frensham is hardly a pond but in fact an eighty acre lake surrounded by hills and woods. That means dramatic wind shifts and then windless holes. This teaches young sailors to watch outside the boat and anticipate and for Hansa Class racing the same applies.

Local boats formed the largest contingent but teams came from venues across the South. Frensham were delighted to welcome an old friend of the club Megan Pascoe, a top UK helm in the 2.4mR keelboat class and current World Champion. Megan was crewing for local Frensham helm Kate Hedley in the 303 two person class.

The event was held with four races, two back to back in the morning and two similar in the afternoon. Fair weather and light winds prevailed throughout the day despite the weather men’s predictions. Local helms and crews dominated, no doubt helped by knowledge of the pond’s tricky wind shifts. The event’s main trophy went for a second year running to Frensham’s Ann Lewis sailing a Hansa 2.3. First in the 303 one person class was Mike Everitt also from Frensham ahead of 2016 National Champion Margaret Foreman.

In the largest class of the day, the 303 two person with 8 entries, the day was dominated by two crews: 1st were Kate Hedley of Frensham and Megan Pascoe from Weymouth. These two had a fierce contest with a Frensham crew, husband and wife Peter and Peta Etherton. Third place went to Martin Hadley and Steve Kitson from New Forest Sailability.

Finally in the Liberty class Frensham dominated once again with Tessa Watkiss in first place followed in second by 2016 National Champion, Paul Phillips. Third place was visitor David Durston from Whitefriars.

Following the traditional Frensham free tea, prizes for the first three in each class were presented by Frensham’s Acting Chairman, Brian Grimwood.

Overall Results:

Hansa 2.3 class
1st Ann Lewis (Frensham)
2nd Lara Sturgis (Frensham)
3rd Gregor Parker (Frensham)

Hansa 303 One Person Class
1st Mike Everitt (Frensham)
2nd Margaret Foreman (Frensham)
3rd James Woosnam (Frensham)
4th Leslie Philip (Tideway)
5th Alison Grant (Frensham)

Hansa 303 Two Person Class
1st Kate Hedley and Megan Pascoe (Frensham)
2nd Peter and Peta Etherton (Frensham)
3rd Martin Hadley and Stephen Kitson (New Forest)
4th Andy Sheath and Kate Lintott (Frensham)
5th Tim Scaresbrick and Anya/Hugh de iong (Chesil)
6th Philip Hall and David/Hugh (Chesil)
7th Colin Freeman and Paul Kingston (Frensham)
8th Rik Hughes and John Haward (Rutland)

Liberty Class
1st Tessa Watkiss (Frensham)
2nd Paul Phillips (Frensham)
3rd David Durston (Whitefriars)
4th Monique Foster (Rutland)

Full results for the UK Traveller Trophy series are available on their website.

Photo © Tony Machen