Two more rounds in the UK Traveller Trophy series

By Steve Thomas & David Eberlin (As amended by IHCA)

Two more rounds of the UK Traveller trophy series have completed, with a round of the Southern Series at Chipstead Sailing Club and a round of the Northern Series at Notts County Sailing Club.

The 5th event of the season was hosted by Wealdson Sailability at Chipstead Sailing Club on 11th July.

It was an early start for all, and the Wealden Sailability Volunteers were out by 8am busy launching and rigging all the Wealden boats, while others were welcoming the Visitors and assisting them to prepare and launch their boats. Meanwhile the kitchen staff were busy beavering away preparing the bacon butties, teas and coffees to give all the visitors and volunteers.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast was proving to be a test, with dark clouds looming above, and wind strengths of 18 knots gusting to over 30 knots forecast to be present throughout the day, with rain predicted later in the afternoon, all of which would make for some exciting racing!

Race Officer Bob Marsh held his Pre-Race Briefing Meeting at 10.15 to an understandably apprehensive audience given the predicted weather conditions, and he set a triangular course to the west end of Chipstead Lake, which would provide the spectators with a grandstand view of the racing from the shelter of the clubhouse!

There were 16 entries in 4 classes, and Wealden Sailability were able to field David Mason and Peter Wagner in the Liberty Class, and Ann Frewer with Volunteer Helen Fairfax as crew in a 303 two person class. Wealden Sailability were also able to loan 3 Hansa 303’s to visiting participants who were unable to transport their own boats to the venue. We even had one entrant, Rory McKinna, who travelled all the way from Scotland to take part!

The 1st race started with the Libertys, 303 Singles and doubles, and the 2.3’s all fighting for position at the start line as they battled against the windy conditions, but the Libertys of Paul Phillips and Tessa Watkiss, both of Frensham, soon stormed ahead creating a clear lead, and finishing the race in 1st and 2nd places respectively. They set a precedent for the rest of the day, coming 1st and 2nd for the remaining 3 races. As all the boats came in after the 2nd race for a well earned break for lunch, the effects of the lively gusts of wind could be seen, with many boats having a generous amount of water in them!

With the lunch break finishing early, it enabled the race participants to be back on the water and for the race organisers to start the 1st race of the afternoon early to ensure they could finish before the forecast heavy band of wind and rain could reach us. Continuing strong winds ensured further excitement for all the racers, and also kept all the safety crews on their toes! Overall though the conditions enabled some close and exciting sailing to take place, and all were able to enjoy the day, even if a few did get a bit wetter than they had hoped!

Once the racing was finished the kitchen staff were busy again with teas, coffees and biscuits. Lastly, but by no means least, Chairman of the Trustees of Wealden Sailability, David Mckee thanked everyone for coming, and announced the proud winners of each of the 4 classes, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed helms and crews were each presented with their certificate and a bottle of wine by Ron Sawford, Secretary of the Hansa Class Association UK.

Cumulative overall results for the Southern Series are available here. Photo by David Barker


The annual Hansa meeting at Nott’s County Sailing Club, part of the Northern Series, took place on 20th July. The weather was just about perfect, though a little hot at 28-30 deg C, there was a pleasant cooling breeze, peaking at 17mph.

This was the 6th event in the 2016 Hansa National TT Series and the 3rd event in the Hansa Northern TT Series

With thunderstorm forecast this year’s open didn’t attract as many as usual, but there were still sailors travelling from Dorset, Hampshire, London and other areas. Both the Nott’s County boats were pressed into action by visitors, but we are hoping after our recent RYA Sailability accreditation to have our own sailors in next year. Eight boats entered spread amongst Liberty, 2.3 & 303 classes. After a short pause due to a wind swing the racing got off to a clean start

In the Liberty Class, Nott’s County’s Joe Taylor took line honours for the first race followed by Chris Emmet from Rutland. The second race was won by Chris Emmet with Tessa Watkiss from Frensham second. The Liberty class was won by Chris Emmet with Joe Taylor second and Pat Crowley from Rutland third.

The 2.3 Class was won by Lindsay Burns from Frensham who’s magnificent sailing throughout kept her well in touch with the faster 303 classes throughout the day and in one race she was able to make the line in front of a 303.

The two person 303 class was won by Martin “Hurricane” Hadley and Dave Owen from New Forest and District Sailability.

The 303 one person class was won by Leslie Philip from London’s Tideway Sailability who won every race.

After the results were collated and the boats packed away, Russ Towns, Nott’s County Sailing club’s President handed out the prizes.

Ron Sawford said “The Club is at a very beautiful lake where we receive one of the most friendly welcomes of the year, We had great races, a great shore team and Pauline’s galley kept us all supplied with magnificent food and drinks throughout the day. In addition to this the supporters were all able to view the whole race course from the club veranda in the lovely warm and sunny weather. We are all so thankful for the great effort that all the Nott’s County Sailability team put into the event especially for us.

Cumulative overall results for the Northern Series are available here.

More photos from the Nott’s County event are available on Club’s website.