UK Traveller trophy continues at New Forest

By Steve Kitson & Angela Cosford (as amended by IHCA)

On 2nd July New Forest & District Sailability at Spinnaker club in Ringwood hosted the Hansa TT event for the Southern Region. This was the 4th event in the 2016 Hansa National TT Series and the 2nd event in the Hansa Southern TT Series.

It was an early start for the volunteers organising and rigging the boats and putting them on the various pontoons. The kitchen staff and helpers were preparing the bacon rolls and hot drinks as a welcome for all the competitors.

The weather was lovely with blue skies and a good wind of 8-10 knots, increasing through the day with gusts and showers predicted in the afternoon which would make the days racing very exciting.

The Race Officer had his briefing at 10:15 outlining a triangulated course down to the south of the lake and round the back of the middle island and back across to the start line. It was suggested by the competitors that they would do three circuits on each of four races as Spinnaker were hosting a race event on the North side of our lake.

Team New Forest had a fantastic turn out of seven 303 doubles and our very own Rory Morrison in the 2.3 class. Teams from Frensham, Chesil and Tideway joined us to make 17 entries in four classes. A fantastic effort by the volunteers launching and unloading the boats on the two pontoons was swift and well organised.

At 11:15 the first race was started with the Liberty class and then the 303 single, doubles and the 2.3 all fighting for positions. The triangular course took us from the start line up to the windward mark, then back to the east of the island and down to the last mark. By the time the racers returned to the pontoons, those unfortunates without wet weather clothing were soaked as those grey clouds decided to drop their contents!

Each race took around 30 minutes and before long we were all of the lake and enjoying a very nice lunch refuelling ready for the afternoon’s racing.

By the afternoon’s first race the weather was very changeable, the wind shifts had picked up to 15+ knots and some pretty hairy gusts at times gave the competitors a very challenging time. The racing was heralded by a deluge of rain and those stoic volunteers on the rescue boats deserve our thanks for having to sit there getting soaked.

Still, in true British style, the racing commenced and the two races were fairly tricky with strong wind gusts, especially on the last leg of each lap. There was close and excellent racing in all the classes throughout all four races with no protests put forward.

After the racing, volunteers and racers were treated to a massive spread of delicious cakes, scones, and fruit bread. The prizes were presented by Eric Blythe, NFDS Principal, and winners were announced by NFDS chairman and event organiser, Malcolm Bentley.

Many thanks to all who gave their time and supplied that wonderful tea. Special thanks to all those who organised the event, and also to Angela Bentley catering organiser, Jonathon for pontoon control, and many more.

2.3 fleet results:

Pos Sail No Club Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
1st 2306 New Forest Rory Morrsion 1 1 1 (DNC) 3
2nd 2535 Frensham Paul Kingston 2 (DNC) 2 DNC 8
3rd 2443 Frensham Gregor Parker 3 (DNC) 3 DNC 10

303 two-person fleet results:

Pos Sail No Club Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
1st 1572 Frensham Peter Etherton Peta Etherton ‑2 2 1 1 4
2nd 2298 Chesil Tim Scaresbrick Anya De Inogh 1 1 ‑2 2 4
3rd 1461 Frensham Andy Sheath Kate Lintott ‑3 3 3 3 9
4th 2165 New Forest Martin Hadley Steve Kitson 4 ‑6 4 4 12
5th 2519 New Forest Pete Coulson Sarah Harrison 7 4 ‑8 5 16
6th 2293 New Forest Dave Jolliffe Angela Cosford 5 5 6 ‑8 16
7th 2521 New Forest Calvin Chalk Amanda Jukes 6 ‑7 7 7 20
8th 1891 New Forest Peter Wells Xav Champeau 8 8 5 (DNC) 21
9th 1740 New Forest Bob Stanyard Jason Mears ‑10 10 9 6 25
10th 2550 New Forest Jane Kinight Sue Shewell 9 9 (DNS) DNC 29

303 one-person fleet results:

Pos Sail No Club Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
1st 2524 Frensham James Woosnam 1 1 1 (DNC) 3
2nd 2518 Tideway Leslie Phillip 2 2 ‑3 1 5
3rd 2314 Chesil Phillip Hall 3 ‑4 2 2 7
4th 2315 Frensham Alison Grant ‑4 3 4 3 10

Liberty fleet results:

Pos Sail No Club Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
1st 2402 Whitefriers David Durston ‑1 1 1 1 3
2nd 2557 Frensham Paul Phillips 2 ‑3 2 2 6
3rd 2561 Frensham Tess Watkiss ‑3 2 3 3 8
Current standings in the overall Traveller Trophy series available here.