French 303 Championships decided at Val Joly


Large fleets in the Hansa 303 single and doubles have competed in the 2016 French Hansa Class Championships at Valy Joly this weekend.

Sailors from France, Belgium and Switzerland attended the event, with 23 sailors competing in the 303 singles title. Many of those sailors backed up to also sail in the doubles, which saw 39 entrants greet the starter in heavy rain and light winds on the first day, with conditions improving on the final day.


It’s the first time than the French Sailing Federation has allowed the title of Champion de France in double to be bestowed on the winners of this championship, which included able bodied and disabled sailors sailing with and against each other.

7 races were completed for the doubles fleet, and 6 for the singles fleet across the two day regatta and the first three places went to:

303 Doubles (after 7 races)

1st – Alain ROUSSEAU and Jawed ES SAHLI

2nd –  Olivier DUCRUIX and Gilles GUYON

3rd –  Jeremie CHAUCHOY and Jerome DARD

303 Singles (after 6 races)

1st – Margot RIOU

2nd – Alain ROUSSEAU

3rd – Clement COPIANS

Regatta website link is available here.