2018 Hansa Worlds to be held in Hiroshima, Japan

The 2018 Hansa Class Combined World & International Championships will be held at the Hiroshima Kannon Marina in October 2018.

International Hansa Class Association President, Russell Phillips, has today announced that the Organising Authority will be the Hiroshima Sailing Federation which will appoint an Event Organising Committee.

“I am delighted to announce that our 2018 Worlds will be held in Hiroshima, Japan. It is the first time that our Combined World & International Championships will be held in this part of the world and we hope that this will enhance the development of the class within the region”, said Mr Phillips.

The Hansa 303 and 2.3 classes are actively sailed in Japan, with National Championships circulated around the various regions. The Friendship Peace Cup, sailed in the Hansa classes, has been held in Hiroshima in 2012 and 2014. Japan has a growing number of Sailability programs, most of which use the Hansa 303 and 2.3. Two SKUD 18s have also recently arrived in Hiroshima.

“We invite all Hansa class sailors to visit our friendly city and enjoy the picturesque landscape of the Seto Inland Sea and its surrounding areas. The theme of the Championships will be Peace & Sports, so we hope you will join us in Hiroshima in 2018 to help realize our mutual goals”, said Hiroshima Sailing Federation Public Interest Foundation President Tsunehiro Yamane.

“It will be the first time these important Championships have been held in Japan and a great opportunity to grow the classes and the number of sailors and supporters, not only just in our country but throughout Asia”, said President Yamane.

The Hiroshima Sailing Federation produced a comprehensive Expression of Interest document for the International Hansa Class Association outlining the features of the city and its surrounds, the regatta venue and the sailing area.

Hiroshima is situated 1000km west of Tokyo and has a population of 1.2 million. A city that loves sport, Hiroshima also has a strong maritime culture.

The event venue will be the Kannon Marina, a short distance from the city centre and boasting many spacious facilities well suited to hosting a World Championship event. The Asian Games sailing was held at Kannon Marina in 1994, two Hiroshima Peace Cups have been hosted there, and it is a popular place for recreational yacht racing, cruising and fishing. It is a resort for the people of Hiroshima and a haven for sailors and boaters.

In Hiroshima Bay, the sailing area for the 2018 Championships, there are many islands. Miyajima, Etajima, Nomijima and others provide spectacular scenes, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Last year, Hiroshima marked 70 years since a single atomic bomb devastated the city. Since then, the people of Hiroshima have continuously sent messages of peace throughout the world. Peace & Sports is a natural theme for the Championships.

“We hope that everyone will enjoy the good-will of sailors from many countries, speaking different languages but sharing the wonder of our nature-based sport. It will be a wonderful occasion”, commented President Yamane.

As the event approaches, further information will be published to the International Hansa Class website.


Photographs courtesy Hiroshima Sailing Federation

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