Great Britian

UK Hansa Class Association



Management Committee

Chair:  Marcus Frith – Chesil Sailability                   

Vice Chair:  Bob Scull – Dart Sailability                   

Treasurer:  Dave Durston. – Whitefriars.                 

Secretary:  Ron Sawford – S S Marine                        

Chair Technical Sub Committee 

Lindsay Burns  –  IHCA Committee – UK 2.3 Rep.

Marketing and Social Media  –     Tom Harper         

Results – Nationals, GPs and TT’s  – Pat Crowley      

Fundraising   – Mike Stoker       

Nationals and GP Coordinator – Andy Sheath

Training and Blue Fleet Coordinator – Vacant


Steve Sawford                                S S Marine                       

Moira Campbell – Southwest Scotland Sailability   – Scottish TT Coordinator

John Figgures  Independent    IHCA Committee – UK Measurer for Hansa Class

Technical Sub Committee:

Chair – Lindsay Burns

Other members will be decided later.

This group will form the Technical Sub-Committee. Other members will be co-opted to the Tech Committee where specialist expertise is needed.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee will consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Events Team

Marcus Frith, Andy Sheath, Bob Scull, Ron Sawford

This events team will organise HCA(UK) events including Traveller Trophies (TT), UK Grand Prix’ (GP) the UK National Championships. This events team will not organise international events.

Regional Coordinators

Bob Scull – Southern TT Coordinator

Ron Sawford – Northern TT Coordinator

Marcus Frith – GP Coordinator

Andy Sheath – Nationals and GP Coordinator

Inspectors for the Accounts:

Ron Sawford and Vacant



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